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Thank you for your interest in my Fine Art photographs. These images may be purchased in a variety of finishes:
Photo-Box Mount
Photo-Box Mount

  • Double-Matted Print: If you have your own frame in mind or in hand, this 100% archival double mat and foam core backing will suit your needs. The photo will be printed on glossy paper; lustre paper available on request.
  • Framed Print: Our double-matted prints are framed in a complementary frame. A variety of glass and acrylic glazes are available. We like Museum Glass, but for shipping we prefer acrylic.
  • Mounted Prints: Our newest display option! All of our show stock is moving to these elegant and easy to maintain dry mount options. Dry mounts can be tricky, but we have found a reliable agency to apply this durable finish. All mounted prints are applied to a super-flat surface and a protective coating is overlaid on top. By default, prints are printed on lustre paper and finished with a matte finish that is scratch-resistant. Glossy paper and finishes are available. Unless otherwise noted, mounted prints come with a French cleat hanging system.
    • Box Mount: A 1" deep beveled back lends a very clean but solid look to a standard mounted print.
    • Float Mount: A recessed back creates a floating effect when hung from your wall.
    • Matted Mount: A standard plaque mounted print is placed on a wider backing board to create a matted effect. The default mat color is a flat black. Matted mounts can also have the image "floated" off of the back mat.
    • Plaque Mount: Plaque mounting consists of a simple 3/8" beveled board behind the image. Plaque mounts come with a slotted hanging system.
    • Framed Mounts: A matted mount is placed inside of a heavy duty picture frame. Several frame style are available; some produce shadow box type results. Only available for our larger print sizes. A very handsome way to display your image.
  • Custom Finishing: We can customize any order to your needs. If you want specific mat colors or framing style, we can accommodate you. Special glass or acrylic needs - including Museum glass or acrylic? Not a problem, just ask; prices may be higher for some options.
Most images are produced in the full 35mm aspect ratio (2:3); mass-produced frames may be harder to find for these sizes. Standard frame sizes are also available upon request. (Prices will vary. Prints in standard frames require either a custom mat or cropping of the picture.) Some prints are not available in all sizes.

A shopping cart will be available shortly; until then, please use our Comment Form to request a print; include the following information:
  • Size of print(s) desired
  • Name of the photo(s) you want.
  • Finishing style: matted, framed, mounted, or custom (please provide details).

Pricing of prints (in US dollars) is as follows:
Print (Matted) Size Double Mat Framed Print Plaque Mount Box or Float Mount Mat or Float-Mat Mount Framed Mount
8x12 (14x18) 50.00 100.00 75.00 100.00 110.00 N/A
11x14 (16x20) 70.00 150.00 110.00 150.00 170.00 N/A
12x18 (18x24) 80.00 180.00 135.00 180.00 200.00 N/A
16x20 (20x24) 100.00 240.00 180.00 240.00 260.00 285.00
16x24 (24x30) 120.00 250.00 200.00 250.00 275.00 300.00
20x30 (24x36) 200.00 450.00 375.00 450.00 495.00 540.00

Greeting Cards, Box: These standard sized 5"x7" greeting cards are printed on card-weight glossy stock for a great artistic look. Printed with UltraChrome inks. $25 for a box of 12 with envelopes.

We still have a limited number of sets of the Utah and Colorado Winter cards printed on 5.5"x8.5" heavy ivory stock with deckled (feather-edged) fronts. Use the contact form if you want to purchase these stylish cards.
  • Utah Winter: 3 each of 4 images: "Delicate Landscape", "Arches Snowscape", "Wintery Landscape", and "Mystery Figure". Blank inside.
  • Colorado Winter: 3 each of 4 images: "Burrr Lake", "Nature's Ornaments", "Twilight at Midday", and "Ponderosa Sunbeams". Blank inside.
  • Floral: 3 each of 4 images: "The Fairy's Slippers", "Hopi Blanketflower", "Desert Paintbrush", and "Alpine Blanketflower". Blank inside.
  • Any Image: Pick any normal-sized image on the website. We'll make a box of 12 cards all of that image just for you.

Greeting Cards, Single: Most images are available on 5"x7" glossy white card stock similar to store-bought cards, printed with UltraChrome inks. Minimum order of 10 (any combination), $2.50 each.

Screen Saver - We are no longer offering a screen saver until we decide how to support more modern systems with all of their varied screen dimensions.

If you are interested in any of these items, please Contact Us with details of what items you want. We will return your message with a request for shipping information.

Images on this site are created from the scanned final image and should be a relatively accurate representation of quality.