New Images: And we're back full-time! I just uploaded my most recent images, from a trip I took only last week to "The Wave" in northwest Arizona.



I will be attending the Valverde Bazaar Outdoor Market on May 4th.

This is the first edition of what promises to be a regular future event. There are more than 50 vendors signed up; the majority are a mixture of local artists, craftsmen, and antigue dealers. Food vendors will also be on-site so that you can shop at leisure.


After a long fight with my health, I am once again feeling well enough to go out into the world and take and sell my photographs. I've actually managed make some sales over the Christmas 2013 season and am raring to get going for the new year!

So in the spirit of making some updates, I've started by adding a Facebook page. You can follow my photography business on Facebook by clicking the 'Follow' link now available on the left sidebar of my page. As a Facebook follower, you will see receive of site updates and you will also also get invitations to download screen background images for your computer!

New Images: After a long wait, two new sets of images are up for your enjoyment. Check the Most Recent and More Recent Photos galleries for new photos!



May 31 - August 15, 2008: Gilpin County Arts Association Juried Show. Two of my recent images - Leafy Cascade and Zebra Stripes - have been accepted to the 2008 Gilpin Arts Association juried show - Colorado's oldest juried art gallery. Located across from the Central City Opera, the gallery's juried show runs concurrent with opera season.

August 16-17, 2008: Gilpin County Fair. Come visit me at my home fair! While this is not a juried event, I am proud to support Gilpin County - my own community - through my attendance at this yearly event.

August 23 - October 4, 2008 (or first snow): Gilpin County Arts Association Member's Show. This show in the historic GCAA building highlights members' artwork. The Gilpin County Arts Association directs its proceeds for the benefit of Gilpin County Schools, an effort I wholeheartedly support.

Stay tuned for more events!