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One of the greatest things about being a nature photographer is travelling to wonderful places and getting to know them. Taking exceptional pictures involves knowing not only locations, but sunrise and sunset positions, blooming periods of flowers in the area, and what weather patterns to expect. The photographers I most admire could also double as expert naturalists or tour guides. And so a number of photographers offer travelogues on their websites to pass on their knowledge to people interested in learning more about their surroundings. This page is my contribution in that tradition.

Look back here often for updates and new locations. In addition to the Arches guide available now, I hope to have a Yellowstone thermal features guide soon, as well as a guide to Rocky Mountain National Park.


[Picture: Delicate Landscape]

Arches National Park

Arches Photo Trip Report (hosted at Rocky Mountain Nature Photographers.net)

[Picture: Temple of the Sun]

Cathedral Valley Photo Trip Report (hosted at Rocky Mountain Nature Photographers.net)

[Picture: Kolob Overlook]

Zion National Park

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